There are plenty of practical ways to spend your tax refund. Fortunately for you, you are not a practical person.

We take that back, you are a practical person, which is why you employed our Greeley tax services. This was a smart choice as it maximized your tax refund, which gave you even more money to frivolously spend. So, instead of saving for a major expense, paying down your debt or replacing your windshield wipers, you will in all likelihood spend your tax refund money on any one of these ways.

Go Shopping

Shopping for new windshield wiper blades is not fun. Sure, new wiper blades would enable you to actually see the road when it rains or snows, but they are fine when the weather is clear.

There are plenty of retailers who offer promotions designed to get your tax refund money. So if you are looking for, say, a new laptop, peruse the internet to see who has the best deal.

Take a Trip

If there is a place you have been dying to visit, use your tax refund to take a well-earned trip. A train trip to tour a wine country or a plane ride to a tropical paradise is a great reward for surviving yet another year unscathed. A vacation will also leave you well-rested and refreshed enough to conquer 2017. Hopefully.

Pamper Yourself

Would you like a massage? Because everybody likes a massage. The reason we don’t book massages every day is because we simply cannot afford it. But if you have money from your tax return, a great way to spend it is by checking into a spa for the day. After all, it’s time you pay your body back for another year of back-breaking work. Treat yourself to some rest and relaxation at a spa.

Have an Experience

Instead of spending all of that tax return money on dinners at Applebee’s and Olive Garden that will only give you mediocre food, poor service and short-term pleasure that will be forgotten all too soon (who remembers their dinner experience at Applebee’s?), use it to do something you have always dreamed about. For example, use those extra funds to go skydiving. That’s something you won’t forget anytime soon.

Perhaps you want to attend a baseball game where you are so close to the action the umpires can hear your derogatory comments aimed at them.

Find a Hobby

We are sure you have a desire to do something that is totally out of your price range, like buy a new set of clubs and take up golf or buy a rare gold coin and start a coin collection. Everybody needs a hobby or two, they are a healthy way to spend your time. A lot better than just sitting around flipping channels mindlessly.

Throw a Party

Use that tax return money to buy a keg, hire entertainment and throw an epic party. Your friends will love you for weeks.

Drink Expensive Wine at Dinner

If you are not a practical person, then it is fine to spend money on things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. So next time you go out to dinner, ask the waiter to bring you the most expensive bottle of wine they have, it will give you a good feeling. This experience works a whole lot better if you are not at Applebee’s or Olive Garden.

Go to Starbucks for a Week Straight

You can barely afford a Starbucks coffee once a week. But when you have extra cash from your tax returns, you can show up at work every morning for a week with a cup of Starbucks coffee in your hand. Your coworkers will be jealous, but your boss will wink at you and nod his head in approval.