We don’t want to freak you out or anything, but Valentine’s Day is next week and we are quite sure you haven’t bought a gift for your significant other yet. You always wait until the last minute, panic, and wind up either ordering flowers online or buying a nightgown from Macy’s that is the wrong color and three sizes too big. Remember that? How could you, you slept on the couch for two weeks.

Now, you are a pretty smart guy. After all, you did hire a Greeley tax accountant to do your taxes, which means you are getting more back than you anticipated. Since you are working with a pretty good financial cushion thanks to a very smart choice, you can afford to get your sweetie something other than flowers or cheap lingerie from a department store.

Since you have a bad track record when it comes to buying Valentine’s Day gifts, we are going to give you some much-needed advice. Read through this list of V-Day gift ideas to discover the perfect gift for your partner in life. You might want to take notes.

Breakfast-In-Bed Tray

The tray itself is beautiful and she will appreciate it and you will score brownie points. But if you give it to her in the morning stacked with blueberry pancakes, quiche Lorraine and beignets, dude, that is like scoring a touchdown. Gifting this literally signals to your sweetie that you will make breakfast in bed for them enough times to justify the purchase. No sleeping on the couch for you!

Nickname-Engraved Compact

A compact is a useful gift she will use all of the time. She will be thrilled that you took the time to find such a thoughtful gift. Besides, who doesn’t love to be called “darling”?

Cable-Knit Throw

A cozy and soft blanket makes a great gift. It gives both of you the perfect reason to stay home on chilly nights and Netflix and not chill.

Pearls of Love

A simple, yet classy way of showing your love and appreciation is this single freshwater pearl, a modern take on a pearl necklace that every woman should own.

Classy Robe

If you are going to give her nightwear for Valentine’s Day, make it a classy robe from Dear Bowie. These inspired robes offer a certain sensual appeal without sacrificing comfort, because a robe should be all about comfort. This robe will become her go-to for everything from Sunday morning breakfast in bed to cozy evenings spent under the cable-knit throw.

Gold-Dipped Rose

If you are thinking about giving her flowers, you might as well make it one that will last forever. This is the Eternity Rose, a natural rose that has been dipped in 24-karat gold. The Eternity Rose is the ideal combination of what every woman wants to get on Valentine’s Day, romance, roses and gold.

Cashmere Socks

You can’t go wrong with cashmere. Anything made with cashmere is a good bet this Valentine’s Day. These socks will keep her feet nice and cozy this winter and they look great to boot!