1. Hiring a Greeley Tax Accountant Means You Can Finally Get Rid of Your Ford Pinto

    One of your New Year's resolutions was to buy a new or used car, the 1977 Ford Pinto has certainly seen better days and, quite frankly, you are tired of people poking fun at you for driving such a beast. There are some great deals to be had out there. Even though you currently do own a Pinto, not one of your better car buying decisions, you had the brilliant idea of hiring…Read More

  2. You Don’t Know How to Buy Romantic Gifts, But Smart Enough to Hire a Greeley Tax Accountant

    We don't want to freak you out or anything, but Valentine's Day is next week and we are quite sure you haven't bought a gift for your significant other yet. You always wait until the last minute, panic, and wind up either ordering flowers online or buying a nightgown from Macy's that is the wrong color and three sizes too big. Remember that? How could you, you slept on the…Read More

  3. Thanks to Your Greeley Tax Services, You are Planning a Great Trip

    You relied on your Greeley tax services company to complete your taxes and now you are getting a big chunk of money back from Uncle Sam. Good for you! You have always wanted to travel and this is the year that you and your spouse will fly to the destination of your choice for some much needed and deserved rest and relaxation. The problem is that you have no idea where you …Read More

  4. You Made a Smart Decision in Hiring Tax Services in Northern Colorado

    The average tax refund stands at around $3,000, according to the Internal Revenue Service. This is enough cash to make a wise investment or go on that dream vacation. Most Americans can have that added bonus in their bank accounts three weeks after filing online. Which means many of us will have extra cash to spend in early spring. Just what will you spend it on? You made …Read More