Success Starts With An Effective Plan

Every successful company in Greeley, Fort Collins and Loveland has a strategic business plan that is much more than just a way to obtain fortune. Preparing a well thought out and strategic plan can not only help clarify your company’s direction, but it can also ensure everyone is on the same page and focused on what it will take to reach true success.

As a blueprint for your company, your strategic plan should describe your products, competitive environment, management direction, and financial aspirations. Often times, people think only new businesses need strategic business plans, but if you are expanding your current business, buying new products, or turning a declining business around, you may also want to consider what a strategic business plan could do for you.

With J. Stuart Yeager, CPA, and our strategic business planning guidelines, we can help you with the following:

  • Identify your target customers’ profiles.
  • Determine your advantages and benefits as a company.
  • Develop an effective marketing plan that includes a full description of campaigns and a timeline.
  • Examine market conditions.
  • Justify that your plans are credible.
  • Develop a thorough staffing plan.
  • Identify skills, talents, and attitudes required within company management.
  • Design effective management plans along with their implementations.
  • Discuss a financial plan that includes your startup costs, operating costs, and potential revenue for the next three to five years.
  • Understand potential problems, and see how to prevent them from occurring.
  • Identify necessary equipment, including vendors.
  • Develop company milestones and timelines for release of products and services.

Let us help you develop a plan that drives your company toward success. For strategic business planning or any of our other small business accounting services Contact J. Stuart Yeager, CPA, today.