If you know a small business accounting firm and are eager to start your own business in Greeley, Loveland or Fort Collins, here are a few really good business opportunities. These are businesses that offer low barriers to entry. In other words, these are great choices for those willing entrepreneurs who don’t have 20 million to drop on a new business. Of course, some will require at least some capital, but most only require hard work, dedication and the desire to succeed.


Self-storage is a booming industry fueled by downsizing homeowners, a transient workforce and a continuing trend of people accumulating more and more stuff. It also helps when reality shows like Storage Wars hits the airways.

Modern self-storage units are in climate controlled environments with plenty of lighting and other security measures in place, so there will be an initial start-up cost. Costs for building construction and land will be high, but these are easily financed as long as there is a demand for storage space in a particular area.

Food Trucks

Demand is high for food trucks serving traditional foods like hamburgers and hot dogs, but there is also money to be made selling more healthy foods. If you have the necessary skill sets to create mouth-watering dishes, this might be the start-up for you.

Mobile Dog Grooming

As our love for dogs grows, so does the need to keep them looking well-groomed. In fact, many mobile dog groomers offer more than just a once-over with the clippers; Fido can actually get a luxurious spa treatment with specialty shampoos and even a good tooth brushing.

Many dog owners are already in a time crunch and hate having to squeeze in a trip to the local groomer, it is far easier rely on a mobile service. In addition, our increasing aging population still love having dogs, but might not have the mobility to take them to a dog grooming facility.

Freelance Writer

If you have a natural gift of creating compelling copy, you might want to try your hand at freelance writing. It takes a lot of brain juice to crank out readable posts, but still a good way to make a living.

Bicycle Repair

Today’s cyclists are pretty hardcore and will ride their bikes in almost any type of weather conditions, meaning what was once a seasonal sport is now enjoyed all year long. So if you do open a bike repair shop, you can expect customers coming through your door even in the coldest and snowiest of months.

Cleaning Service

In the cleaning industry, you can focus on house cleaning or you can specialize in retail cleaning. Restaurants are always in need a good cleaning and can be a great source of steady clients. In addition, if you are good at it, you won’t have to spend a lot in advertising because you will garner new clients by word of mouth.