In cities and towns all across America, small business is quietly driving our nation. In fact, small businesses are responsible for the majority of employment and job growth in the United States in recent years. As a small business accounting service in Greeley, we can tell you that it means a whole lot when you support these companies.

If Black Friday proved to be less successful than you had hoped or if you are still needing to find gifts for friends or family members, consider shopping small businesses. Here are several good reasons to support small business this holiday season.

Create Jobs

The money you spend in your community will go back into it as opportunities for employment. According to the Small Business Administration, over 25 million small businesses in the United States account for nearly 55 percent of all sales, over 55 percent of all jobs and nearly 70 percent of all new jobs since the 1970s. So when you buy something from a small business, you are stimulating the local economy.  

Supporting a Family

When you make a purchase from a local business, you are often supporting a family. Your money is the reason a mother can stay at home with the children or that a family is able to put food on their table or send their kids to college.  


Unique Products

Get away from the mass-produced knick-knacks, plastic toys and other cheaply produced items found at the big box chains by taking your business to independent retailers. Your small businesses tend to offer products that are locally made and one-of-a-kind. It is far easier to wow a friend or family member with a unique gift than it is with a mass-produced gift from a big retailer. 

Better Service

Excellent customer service is difficult enough to find, especially during the holiday crush. Much of this is due to the fact that retail employees are spread pretty thin and are all too busy to give you, or anyone else for that matter, the attention they deserve. Small businesses offer a more personal and enjoyable shopping experience that allows for more exploring as opposed to merely struggling to beat other shoppers to the merchandise. In addition, small business employees often have vast knowledge of services and products they are selling than their retail counterparts.   

Environmentally Friendly

Many small businesses create their products from local resources. Big box retailers get merchandise from all over the world, including oversea factories.

Share a sense of community and enjoy warm customer service when you support your local economy.