As a business owner in Greeley, you wear many hats and find yourself busy to no end from sunrise to sunset and beyond. But since you hired a CPA to deal with your business accounting tasks, you find yourself with a little more free time. Unfortunately, you also find yourself at home pacing the kitchen floor because you have a hard time switching it off after work.

In fact, you find that you are grumpy with the dog for no apparent reason, restless and silly thoughts are endlessly rambling around in your head. You need to learn how to relax! Here are a few tips that should help you to chill out.stress


When you own a business, it might seem like relaxation is an indulgence, something that is often considered taboo in our fast-paced eat-or-get-eaten society. But keep in mind that rest and relaxation are just as important as maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and getting plenty of sleep. That is, your health will suffer unless you learn to relax. So go ahead and pencil in slated times that you will stop working and do something relaxing.


When we are under pressure, our bodies produce stress hormones, and while this is quite natural and designed to help us deal with danger by signaling us to fight or run, too much of it is detrimental to our health.

Physical activity is by far the best way to rid yourself of these hormones and feel more at ease again. The type of exercise you choose to do doesn’t really matter, just go out and walk, run, bike or take yoga to garner that relaxing effect.


There is nothing more relaxing than a leisurely walk through the park, around the lake or just around your neighborhood. Spending time outdoors and enjoying nature can help clear your mind and lift your mood. Even small natural spaces in the city can help.


Whether you take up piano lessons or learn how to knit, being creative does have a relaxing effect, probably because you have to really concentrate on what you are doing. It’s also relaxing because you are doing something you enjoy and it feels good when you knit that sweater.chillax