While it is easy enough for a small business to find accounting services in Greeley, it can be more difficult driving customers to your store for the holiday retail rush. Children might very well dream of sugarplums, but the vision that matters most for small businesses during the holidays is one marked with a climbing sales graph.

Christmas is the time that many small businesses make it or break it. So the overwhelming question is how to drive as much traffic as possible to their store. Here are some creative ways that might help increase sales.

Have a Sale

Well, duh you might say, a sale is a pretty obvious answer. Now, every major retailer holds sales over the holiday seasons, as do many small businesses, but you need a sale that will draw the attention you desire. Here are a few considerations:

  • Offering big discounts work if the sales items are great gifts people are looking for. A big sale on sprinkler system heads at Christmas won’t induce the sales you hope for.
  • Offering a free pair of socks for any shopper spending more than X amount of dollars falls flat on those who don’t need socks. If you are going to offer a premium, make sure it is something people desire.
  • Shoppers are basically spoiled brats, small discounts will not get them to buy, so make your sales worthwhile.

Email Campaigns

Social media is great, but posting on Facebook is just not as effective as an email campaign. In fact, email marketing is three times more effective than social media and the customer orders are higher as well. When putting together an email campaign, here are a few considerations:

  • Make sure you court your customers personally by using their first name in the subject line.
  • Make it sound like you are offering them a special offer.

Window Displays

During the holiday season, there will be additional foot traffic, take advantage of this with an eye-catching window display. If you want to incorporate products within your window display that’s great, but not necessary. Your display can be totally Christmas-themed and that will work just as well. What’s important here is you need to have a display that is unique and a draw to the eye. A bunch of people standing in front of your store gazing at your display will only draw even more attention.

Hold an Event

There are any number of events that can be potential draws including after hours sales, such as a visit from Santa or musicians and jugglers performing. The key here is to find an event that can tie into your products or services. For example, if you own a kitchen store, hold some sort of cooking event. Think about events that interest you, if you wouldn’t go, then neither will your customers.

Here are the marketing ideas that you can use to garner more customers and boost sales this holiday season. Use one of these ideas or use them all and good luck.