Would you be surprised if we told you that small business owners trust their CPAs as much as their family members? Well, it’s true, at least according to recent surveys conducted by the American Institute of CPAs. You see, CPAs are business owners most trusted advisors, with very good reasons of course. To be a CPA, a successful CPA, you must be committed, trusted, intelligent and hold a strong sense of ethics. Here are a few good reasons you need to enlist in accounting services from your Greeley CPA.cpa

Accountants aren’t always deemed a necessity when opening a small business. In fact, there are young entrepreneurs out there who see small business accounting services as practically useless. Many think it is best to wait until their start-up company hits it big before investing in such services. But waiting that long could be a big mistake.


Opening your own small business means you will be working more than a typically 40-hour work week. In many cases, you will be slammed seven days a week working countless hours. This leaves you with very little time to deal with the accounting part of your business. While you are busy mucking around in the trenches, you will be glad you hired somebody to take over the books. At least that is one part of your business you won’t have to lose any sleep over. And it’s another reason you actually get some down time for yourself.

Taxes are the Devil

Surveys show that one of the biggest concerns of small business owners is taxes. Calculating estimated taxes is pretty tricky and if you have ever prepared your own taxes, you know how they can be a huge pain. An accountant can be real helpful with this.

Easier Growth

Just how will you know when to expand your business? If you are like most entrepreneurs, you will just go with a gut feeling. But these types of decisions require more than a “feeling” as it is a good way to drive your business into the ground if you make the wrong decision.

Your Investors Will Dig It

Investors want to see growth projections and hard data, which happens to be your accountant’s speciality. Your CPA really is an invaluable ally.