Most big corporations, like Pilgrim’s Pride and Monfort, have the luxury of an in-house team of accountants working day in and day out for them to ensure taxes are paid on time, profits and losses are evaluated and growth is successfully managed. But as a small business owner in Greeley, you don’t have this luxury, which is why you need outside accounting services.

As a small business owner, we are sure you thrive in a DIY environment but beware because the more hats you wear, the less you can successfully accomplish. You are good at everything you do, but you can take on too much. When you start a business, many rely on software to run accounting. But software programs can only do so much. As you and your business move forward, it is important you have an accountant with

New Perspective

As a small business owner, running the day-to-day operations might leave you unable to see the big picture. There is no doubt you’re a busy person, handling any number of tasks at once and putting out fires here and there. You need somebody who is on the outside of your business, somebody who can provide a different angle, a fresh perspective that might otherwise be completely missed.

Have a Plan

One of the biggest reasons that thousands of small businesses fold every year is because they don’t have a solid plan. But when it comes to a plan, many business owners have a difficult time getting started. This is when an accountant can come in and help. An accountant will partner with a small business, take a look at all the data and build a plan that will guide you to success.

Taxes are Complicated

Although you might have been doing your own personal taxes for years, dealing with taxes for your small business is no Sunday walk in the park. Rules and regulations change on an almost continuous basis and teaming up with an accountant is critical in ensuring taxes are not only done properly, but that your tax savings are maximized as well.

Getting Through an Audit

“Tax audit” are chilling words indeed. If you have ever been through a tax audit, you know how daunting and frustrating they can be, which is why you need an accountant in your corner.

Key to Success

A recent study conducted bt Sage showed that over 85 percent of business owners stated that working with an accountant was critical in their success.